About us

About us


Our vision is to create standards harmonized with the environment.

Our target is the interaction of culture, art and science. The respect at this design and the harmonious coexistence of the above, offers solutions that are friendly at man and at the environment.


What we offer


1st Stage

Meeting to record your needs - special features - themes - profile. Our main goal is to understand your special needs and interests so that they can be attributed and integrated as much as possible in your property. Our proposal will respond at your interests and needs.

2nd Stage

  • Presentation of Proposal and Indicative Cost of Implementation and Licensing.
  • Selection of Materials and presentation of an indicative Timetable.
  • Detailed Presentation and possible changes - alternatives harmonized at your budget.
  • Presentation of a draft of Private Agreement.

2b. Presentation of 2nd Proposal consisting of:
  • Final Architectural Drawings and 3D Imaging.
  • Approval of Material Selection.
  • Approval of Implementation Costs.
  • Approval agreed timetable.
  • Approval of Technical Specification Issues.
Presentation of Cost and an agreed Implementation Timetable.
Signature of a relevant Private Agreement.

3rd stage

Authorization by Competent Authorities (Urban Planning, Municipalities etc).
Proposal Implementation.

4th Stage

Support Services after Project Implementation