Total Services

  1. Architectural Designs.
  2. Topographic Designs.
  3. Civil Engineer Designs.
  4. Geotechnical / Geological Designs.
  5. Electromechanical Designs.
  6. Legalization of Arbitrary Constructions.
  7. Measurements Precision Engraving.
  8. Energy Designs.
  9. Economic and Technical Designs.
  10. Urban Licenses.
  11. Real Estate Appraisals.
  12. Investment Consulting Services.

Designs, Renovations and Constructions

  1. Construction and Renovation of Residences, Buildings, Offices and Interior Design
  2. Construction and Renovation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodations.
  3. Building Repairs.


  1. Designs and Installations of Photovoltaic Systems
  2. Technical and Economical Designs of Photovoltaic Systems
  3. Energy Upgrades / Offices / Buildings

Sales, Real Estate Appraisals

The sale of a property requires appropriate advisory services so that the purchaser concerned has a full picture of its suitability according to its needs. Our objective in estimating a property is to determine its value at a particular time so that the owner or buyer concerned has a full and objective view of its value.

Investment Consulting Services

We provide sales and consulting services for the assessment of plots, buildings as well and the drafting of investment proposals combined with Financial and Technical Designs ensuring the optimal desired result of proposals of investment and purchases, in order to realize your dream.
Listed Buildings and Monuments are our Culture and are the most important part of our Cultural Heritage.
We have to protect and highlight them.